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To provide the community with quality farm-fresh products from grass-fed animals.

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Talk of the Town Farm
Closed for Business in Maine

Due to health reasons, Talk of the Town Farm is now officially closed for the sale of raw milk and cheese. I sincerely apologize to my loyal customers. I am in the process of trying to find someone to fill your needs for next year’s season.

Thank you for your business and support!

Barn Cam

Has Been Taken Down

Farm Is For Sale
Our farm property here in Maine is up for sale. We will be relocating Talk of the Town Farm back to the Midwest. We are not sure at present what endeavors we will be tackling. Please check back on occasion to check our progress.

We would like to once again thank all of our customers that supported us here in Maine. It was a wonderful experience!

If anyone is interested in purchasing the property, here is a link to the information on the farm. Link to property info