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Conklin Roofing Systems

Don’t replace your flat or low-slope metal commercial roof. Let us RESTORE your roof for a fraction of the cost. Our roofing systems allow you to continue your business operations without interruption. We will make it watertight and help reduce your energy costs up to 30% with our cool roof systems. You will help to reduce landfill waste.

We offer proven roof restoration systems from the top leader in the industry. Conklin® has produced outstanding roofing products for more than 40 years. We are a Conklin® Independent Distributor. We attend the training programs at the Conklin® education center in Kansas City, MO. We have multiple roofing systems to meet your individual needs. The short video above, details the steps taken to revive your metal roof. In addition, we offer one-ply membranes, membrane coatings and full fabric systems.

We are here to prolong the life of your roof!

Invest in the "Greener" roofing system today and start saving!

Fill out the contact page to get started on your free roof estimate!

If you are a contractor and want to learn more about this exciting opportunity fill our the contact page.

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