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Our Sows


PDP Grace I1702
aka Bridgette

Bridgette has produced two litters with Wilbur. Both litters were piglets with great confirmations and underlines! She will be having one more litter with Wilbur before she mates with our new boar arriving in 2023.


LPH Grace I1312
aka Beauty

Beauty has given us a stunning & colorful litter of 10 in July of 2022. Looking forward to her February 2023 litter with Wilbur. She will then be crossed with one of the new boars.

Snowflake pic2.jpg

7AR Snowflake H0922
aka Snow

Snow will be joining our breeding program in the spring of 2023. So excited to bring onboard this experienced sow from Peaceful Pastures Farm in the Pacific Northwest.

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