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Conklin Fastrack®

More than 30 years ago, visionary Conklin researcher Dr. Eugene Stearns developed the first animal probiotic to support the health and performance of food-producing animals. His innovative formula of beneficial bacteria, yeast culture and enzymes helped milk, meat and poultry production when fed – and became Conklin’s signature product, FASTRACK® Microbial Pack.

FASTRACK® has gained industry recognition for continuous formulation improvement, which formed the basis of our comprehensive program of species-specific FASTRACK® products covering an animal’s entire life cycle.

A progressive array of gels, boluses, microbial packs and supplements now make up a line of products for the newborn through senior years that supports:

* Immune response to pathogen challenge and stress
* General health maintenance
* Production
* Performance
* Digestion
* Reproductive and physiological needs of all animals

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