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Bridgette's 5/22/2022 Litter

Bridgette had 7 very healthy piglets on 5/22/22. 4 boys, 3 girls. They will be weaned the first week of July. If you would like to be on the waiting list for future litters please contact me.

Beauty's 7/29/2022 Litter

Beauty had 10 gorgeous piglets on July 29, 2022. Pictures can be seen at the link below, along with pedigree and pictures of sire/dam. If you would like to be on the list for a breeding quality or feeder piglet, please contact me.

LINK to Pictures

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Bridgette's 11/3/2022 Litter

Bridgette had 5 piglets on 11/3/2022. 4 boys, 1 girl.

Beauty's Litter February 17, 2023

Beauty had a litter of 9 beautiful piglets.

Our Litters: Services
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